Newsletter October 2017

Elizabeth’s Notes This is a very busy time of year for us all here in school and a lot happens before the mid-term break at the end of October. We welcomed the Lord Mayor, Tony Fitzgerald to...
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Newsletter June 2017

Elizabeth’s Notes June arrives with the hint of expectation of summer. It seems easier to look forward to sunshine and the great outdoors than to remember back to the dark days of last winter....
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Newsletter April – May 2017

Elizabeth’s Notes To the stars of the stage, well done to every child who took part in the performance, a huge thank you to all the staff who put in a massive effort to bring about such an...
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Newsletter March 2017

Elizabeth’s Notes So successful was Seachtaine na Gaeilge last week that the classes are keeping it all going again this week. Bhí an scoil go léir lán de phóstaeir agus de phictuirí, bhí...
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Newsletter February 2017

Elizabeth’s Notes   The poster on the street is always the work of children in the school and a group had just completed the lovely Spring poster when a storm struck and we had to delay...
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Newsletter January 2017

Elizabeth’s Notes Happy New Year to you all and welcome to the first newsletter of 2017. There are lots of different dates that mark the beginning of a new year according to faith and culture...
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Newsletter December 2016

Elizabeth’s Notes The Winter Fair this year seemed to just run like a well-oiled machine but don’t be fooled, a massive amount of work from a huge team of people went into it to make it look...
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Newsletter November 2016

Elizabeth’s Notes Winter Fair fever is upon us and the elves from Juniors to Sixth class are busy working away creating crafts to support the biggest fund raising initiative of the year...
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Newsletter October 2016

Elizabeth’s Notes We have come to the end of our first half term already and so much has been fitted in it’s hard to know where to begin. So as they say in all the best TV shows “in no...
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Newsletter September 2016

Elizabeth’s Notes There’s so much happening at the beginning of September that it’s good to let that mayhem run its course and then draw breath to settle into the new school year. The flip...
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