Cork Educate Together N.S. Delivers:

Quality teaching and learning in an environment driven by our ethos.

Our ethos is one of inclusivity and the celebration of difference.

Our ethos is supported by the four principles of the school:

  • We are a multi–denominational school
  • We are co-educational
  • The curriculum is child–centred
  • We strive towards the highest standards of democracy in the running of the school.

Learn Together

The Ethical Education Curriculum aims to nurture and develop in our children a caring responsible approach to society.

It is delivered under these four strands:

  1. The Moral and Spiritual Strand.
  2. The Equality and Justice Strand.
  3. The Belief System Strand.
  4. The Ethics and Environment Strand.

This programme is critical to the delivery of the Educate Together Ethos.

Our Motto

“LEARN TOGETHER TO LIVE TOGETHER” includes the whole school community.

There is active participation by parents in the daily life of the school, with positive affirmation of the professional role of the teachers.

The Educate Together Charter of 1990 affirms that children of all social, cultural, religious and non-religious backgrounds have a right to an education that reflects their individual identity whilst exploring the different values and traditions of the world in which they live.

This is an established single stream school opened in 1987. There is an administrative principal, eight class teachers and four learning support/resource teachers.

Our children achieve high levels of success and our past pupils are well represented in a wide range of Third Level courses and careers.


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