Newsletter June 2017

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Elizabeth’s Notes

June arrives with the hint of expectation of summer. It seems easier to look forward to sunshine and the great outdoors than to remember back to the dark days of last winter. It seems a long time ago now since we were standing at the sideline cheering for the lads in their Sciath na Scól matches. And how our Junior Infants have blossomed since their first nervous steps into their classroom last September, there they are now all grown up ready to welcome the newbies next autumn and show them the ropes.



Children playing


There were lots of sporting events this year from the aforementioned Gaelic football to skipping, to cycle safety training, to athletics and soccer this last term all culminating in our school’s Sports Day on June 23rd in Nemo GAA grounds. Though we cannot claim any credit a team representing our school competed in and won outright a schools’ climbing competition in Dublin recently. Well done Hugo, Jess, Cormac and Daniel. Well done to Jess also for securing sponsorship from Shandon Credit Union for new sports gear, I’m sure it contributed to our recent successes in track and field events.




The Arts were well catered for this year with many and varied visits to art galleries as well as hands on workshops. The musical talents of our children were explored and enhanced with percussion workshops, music group with Katie H, choir with Peter and stage performances in the City Hall, Clayton Hotel, St Fin Barre’s Cathedral and our whole school performance in our school hall.


Science Engineering

Our Many Coloured Days also allowed the ‘techies’ to shine. Science, engineering and the associated maths were given every opportunity to have the theories explored through the many workshops all age groups were exposed to. The theory was constantly challenged with the need to apply hands-on, practical applications.




Our ability to communicate verbally and through the written word as well as the enjoyment of reading in our two languages is a constant backdrop to everything we do here in school. Children were given lots of opportunities to improve these essential skills because they support every curricular area as well as the social development of every individual child.


Learn together

And finally the most important piece of the jigsaw, the bit that glues it all together, the bit that supports our school culture and our ethos is the Learn Together programme in conjunction with the SPHE programme. These inform everything we do and we are who we are because of the successful implementation of these two programmes. Well done to the whole school community for the commitment to our celebration of diversity, our respect for all people and our recognition for the need to care for the global environment.





Golfer Silhouette 03 Stencil

After 22 years in the school and a career spanning 36 years, James has decided he is going to retire from teaching this summer. It would be very dangerous to start a list (because the Newsletter wouldn’t be able to cope with the length) but James has contributed so much and in so many ways to our school as we know it. He will be sadly missed by us all. We wish him good health and happiness in his retirement but we’re not saying ‘Goodbye’ because we expect and in fact, request, that we see him around on many occasions in the future!



Thanks James for your dedicated commitment to the children who were lucky enough to come into your care, thanks for your commitment to the many extracurricular activities you involved yourself in and thanks for being a great colleague. The staff room won’t be the same without you!








Sixth class are busy preparing for their Graduation show and we anticipate great things if the level of industrious activity is anything to go by. It is always with mixed emotions that we approach this event. It is wonderful to see the boys and girls so ready for secondary school and yet it is all too easy to remember them coming into Junior Infants what seems like a very short 8 years ago. Best wishes to them all as they head off to their various schools and thanks to all the teachers who brought them thus far in their development.



Learn and discover



Each year when 6th class graduate not only are we saying goodbye to a group of children, invariably we also say goodbye to a number of families whose last child is flying the Cork Educate Together coop.

One such family this year are the MoynihanDownes. Mum, Cliodna, has been involved in many campaigns and initiatives throughout her time as a parent but it is her role as Newsletter co-ordinator and editor that we would like to acknowledge here. Every month we get the email to send on the bits and pieces to her and a few days later a Newsletter wings its way back to us looking all spruced up with pictures and banners and all sorts to keep the reader amused as they find out the latest happenings in the school.

Masha Hegney, mum of Hazel in 1st class has agreed to take over the Newsletter duties from Cliodna and we thank her sincerely for that.





However last word goes to Cliodna this month, thanks so much for keeping us all up to date with all the news in Cork Educate Together N.S. for many’s the year now. This comes with strict instructions to keep in touch. Have a wonderful summer and we can look forward to coming back to a year of celebrations to mark our 30th birthday next year.




Have a wonderful summer and we can look forward to coming back to a year of celebrations to mark our 30th birthday next year.




P.T.A. Notes


Hello from the P.T.A.




As the school year draws to a close, we are delighted to report that two substantial new projects, funded by all of your contributions to the PTA, have been completed. A new kitchen has been fitted in the hall, which will be a great resource for both teaching and wider school community events. If you have any suggestions for events or uses for the new kitchen, do let us know.




A new AV system has also been installed in the hall: this will allow great new opportunities for shows, school community events, and of course for teaching.




A big thank you to everyone who has volunteered at and contributed to PTA events over the last few years: you have made these projects possible. Plans for the year ahead include the provision of a storage shed for the stage components, currently stored in the hall, in order to make space for new uses there, and also some more fun ideas for the yard. It was great to see such a large number of enthusiastic volunteers at the PTA AGM: we look forward to an energetic year of PTA activities ahead, and hope that as many people as possible will actively participate in events.




Just one PTA activity left this year: the annual 6th class BBQ on Tuesday 27th June, where we bid a fond farewell to this year’s class, with a BBQ for all classes in the morning, followed by a party for 6th class and their parents, at which food is provided by this year’s 5th class. This event is eagerly anticipated by all children; let’s hope we have BBQ weather this year!






We are always looking for volunteers with the energy and enthusiasm to continue and develop the contribution that the PTA makes to the life of the school community. Our meetings are usually held in the evenings, but as a number of parents have asked if we could try holding some meetings after school drop-off instead, we will hold our next meeting after school drop off on Tuesday 23rd May. If you are free at this time, please try to join us: as we lose parents of older children each year when their children’s time at the school comes to an end, we need new parents to contribute so that we can all enjoy the PTA’s even






Executive Notes


Thanks to everyone who came and made the Wine Tasting last Friday night a great success and so much fun!




Especially huge thanks to all our sponsors who donated really excellent prizes and produce – please everyone support these hugely generous LOCAL businesses –

The Friary

The Real Olive Company

Arbutus Bread

Cork Opera House

The Everyman

Graffiti Theatre Company

Granary Theatre

Origin Hair design, Cork

Casa Crafts

Natural Choice

The Natural Foods Bakery

Filter Coffee

Bia Beauty

Blackrock Herbal Clinic

Cork, Moonshine – Cork



A special thanks to all the staff of The Friary Bar for their help in running the event. And just to say, even though it was a (very enjoyable) social event, of course it also meant raising money for the school fund. For this, thanks to everyone again for your generosity. Along with your Voluntary Contributions, these funds are vital to help us pay our way through the year.


Executive AGM

We are holding our AGM on Monday June 26th at 8.15 pm in the school. Everyone is welcome. We’d be delighted to see you there. And we are always looking for extra members on the Exec, if anyone is interested in joining. Thanks To finish, a huge thank you to Clíodna for putting together the newsletter for the last while. All the best for the future beyond CETNS! Have a great summer holiday.

If you would like to get in touch with the Exec about anything, you can contact Conor O’Toole (Chairperson) on 086-8126413.




Student Council Notes






A very big thank you to all the children who contributed to our collection for Somalia to mark World Refugee Day 2017. The Somali flag in the playground looked great. Hugo and Theo organised the whole thing and did a great job. As of now we do not have a final figure on the amount raised but we’ll keep you all posted on our Facebook page and Website.

Speaking of Theo and Hugo, the rest of the Student Council would like to wish them all the best as they head off to secondary school in September. We will certainly miss them! Our loss is their secondary schools’ gain!



We’d also like to thank Cliodna for her great work producing this newsletter for the past few years.













Online payments for the school will be available from September. We know from parent feedback that this will be a welcome convenience for many of you. However this year because it is a new system and will not be up and running until September it would be better to hold off and make your epayments for 2017/2018 from September on. Cash, cheque and card will continue to be accepted in the office.




A few parting words from Cliodna…..


It is hard to believe that our family’s time at CETNS has come to an end, it only seems like yesterday I first walked through the gates of Cork School Project and was blown away by the happy, sunny atmosphere that I was greeted by. In fact, that was over 21 years ago! At the time I was a young graduate tasked with carrying out a feasibility study for a multi purpose hall – the less said about the length of time it took us to get the hall the better! I wasn’t yet a mum but I decided there and then that CSP was where our children would go to school. The school was so colorful, Ger knew all the children by name as Elizabeth does now, the children spoke to the teachers like friends, it all seemed so happy and inclusive (there may be Rose Tinted Glasses here but you know what I mean!!).

So 16 years ago our eldest son Riain started in CSP followed 2 years later by his sister Mallaidh and finally Tuan who graduates on Tuesday.

Our time as a family in the school has been a very happy one despite the usual trials and tribulations of life. We can’t thank the teachers enough for taking our children through their primary years which have been happy and healthy and full of fun. Without going into details CETNS has helped us, encouraged us and always been there for us.

To those of you still in the school, enjoy every minute of your time, cherish the arts and crafts proudly produced from the school bags, the tuneless recorder, the stories, the plays and even the homework! Join one of the committees, I met some of my best friends through the PTA and its events, it is hard work at times but the children benefit from it as do you.

We are not leaving the Educate Together family altogether as Tuan is lucky enough to be continuing on to Cork Educate Together Secondary School and he is very happy about this.

So again, Thank You so much to the Teachers who taught our children, to those who didn’t but were always there supporting, to all the support staff thank you all. Words just aren’t enough, we will miss you but remember you all fondly and gratefully.

So for now, good bye from Riain, Mallaidh, Tuan, Tom & Cliodna.






Reminder from Sandra….



If any of your contact details such as phone number, email address or address change, please let Sandra know straight away.







As a School Community, we would like to acknowledge all the work that Cliodna has done down through the years in putting our monthly Newsletters together. She always excelled at gathering together all the bits of news and the goings on in the school and putting them in print for us. Her outstanding contribution to the school in this regard will be greatly missed and we wish her the very best when she says a final goodbye to uson the day of the 6th Class Graduation when Tuan, her final child in the school, moves on to secondary school.

Thank you so much, Cliodna.  





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