Fourth class made delicious vegetable pasta bake. The children learned  how to use a kitchen knife safely and took turns peeling onions and garlic, learned how to dice onions, crush garlic and chop mushrooms. We were careful to slice the peppers in a way that made sure the seeds didn’t go everywhere!
The children took turns simmering the onions and garlic over in a little olive oil on the stove, while the rest of the vegetables were prepared. Meanwhile, some kids boiled the water for the pasta.
One group strained the pasta while some others placed the cooked vegetables in the dishes. Another group combined the pasta and veg while more kids sprinkled cheese.
While the pasta dish baked, we set the table and made sure we had enough place setting for the whole class.
Table leaders took orders for those who wanted less cheese and the plates were served.
Fourth class had a delicious dining experience!