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Dear Parents/Guardians

We are a group of parents of children in Cork Educate Together National School who are campaigning for a 2nd level Educate Together school within Cork city. We would like to see more choice in the type of 2nd level education offered to our children. There are currently very limited options for children leaving primary school to continue their education in a co-educational (mixed) and multi-denominational setting. We are seeking the support of like-minded parents to help us to build a strong body of opinion to take to the Department of Education.

As you probably know, Educate Together schools, including 2nd level schools, are co-educational, multi-denominational, learner-centred and democratically run. You can find full details and updates about the progress of Educate Together 2nd level schools on the Educate Together website. In particular, you can download from that page both the 2nd Level Blueprint and Parent Information Brochure documents as pdf files. Also available to download here:

  1. 2nd Level Blueprint
  2. Parent Information Brochure

As of the end of 2016, there are nine 2nd level schools in the country with Educate Together involvement. This includes Cork Educate Together Secondary School which opened in August 2016 – its permanent location is yet to be confirmed somewhere in Cork South Suburbs.* These are positive developments of course, but all indications are that a further city centre 2nd level school is needed to satisfy both the demand in Cork city, and the needs in terms of geographical and access considerations for parents and children. To date, we have gathered over 650 Expressions of Interest for our campaign.

If you are interested in signing an Expression of Interest form you can download it here  – just return it by post or email to the address indicated on the form. Fill out one form for each child. Alternatively you can complete an online Expression of Interest on Ideally we would like to set up a Campaign Committee to include parents from a number of different primary schools. If you are interested in getting involved please let us know.

Please share this information with your friends to show your support and help increase awareness of the campaign. You can follow us on Facebook – where we post regular updates and relevant information. And we also operate a mailing list for regular updates, news of meetings etc.. If you would like to be added to that list, please e-mail us at this address:

Thank you for your support!


*Note –For more information on Cork Educate Together Secondary School, check for details.



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