Educate Together Curriculum

What are the School’s Curriculum aims?

In every area of the curriculum, the underlying aims are two-fold:

1. The full and harmonious development of the potential of each child.
2. The promotion of cultural enrichment. Attitudes of self-confidence, self-awareness and self-respect are encouraged.

Mutual regard for each other and for each other’s viewpoints should permeate the wide range of activities that are carried out within the school.


What is on the Curriculum?

The curriculum includes Gaeilge, English, Mathematics, Social and Environmental Studies (History, Geography, Nature Study, Elementary Science, Civics), Art and Craft, Music, Physical Education and Ethical Education.


How is the subject of Religion handled in the multi-denominational context?

The Learn Together Programme is designed to help children to understand the religious and other traditions that they will meet in their environment and to help them to be sensitive to the ultimate questions posed by life and to the dimension or mystery and wonder that underlies all human experience. The Learn Together Programme is not denominationally based. The school also facilitates groups of parents in the provision of denominational instruction, as required by them, for their children.