Yearbook 2019

>UPLOAD PHOTOS< This opens a new Dropbox window. See below for more info.

Hard to believe but Summer is almost here and the year is rapidly approaching its end. We are working hard putting together this year’s yearbook and are in need of as many photos as we can get. If you have any photographs from the School Play, Winter Fair, the Egg Hunt, the Céilí or any other School events, that you would like to include in the Yearbook, please send them on to us:


How to deliver your images:


1: Upload files directly here: UPLOAD (this opens a new Dropbox window)


2: email them to (Large files can be sent via, which is a free service for sending big files.)


3: If you’re oldschool, just drop them into the School office on a usb stick or CD marked YEARBOOK 2019.

Most modern smartphones can produce photos of printable quality so don’t think you need to be a pro to have your pictures included.
Please send the original files as they were produced by your camera or phone. Do not embed in Word or reduce file size.


Uploaded files are not publicly viewable or accessible and will only be used in the Yearbook. Uploading files signify your consent to have them reproduced in the School Yearbook and ancillary materials such as posters and social media items directly related to the Yearbook. They will not be used for any other purpose without your permission. Not all photos will necessarily be used. You retain copyright in all images.